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Africa - Symposium 
 Berlin  2001


Programme du Symposium sur l'Afrique

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Initiative Africa 2000 think of itís self as a forum, where the situation in Africa will be discussed.

Africa must stand on its own, the great challenges at the beginning of the new millennium.
We want to offer an opportunity through the Symposium to think about the future of Africa in this millennium.
We would like in this way to promote the dialogue between the social forces, which are interested on Africa.

A settlement document should summarise the results of the symposium. The symposium about Africa will take place in Berlin in 2001.

We will be pleased on any active participation from your part about the Africa - Symposium.

Provisional concept:

Guests:         Deputy of Political, Economic and Civilian  Society from Africa and Europe.

Speakers:     We are still looking for them. Propositions are every time welcome.


Forum Society , Culture and Development

                                          Moderation / Speakers

Forum Peace, Stability and Politics

                                   Moderation / Speakers

Forum  Economy and Social

                                      Moderation / Speakers

We are entirely at your disposal for further details or questions.

Jimmy Kenga

Initiative Africa 2000

                                                 Organiser :  Initiative AFRICA 2000

Adress: Initiative AFRIKA 2000,



 Programme du Symposium sur l'Afrique

Program of the Symposium over Africa

Das Programm zum Herunterladen (im PDF-Format)